Economy of a Thrift Shop

New York City, specifically the Upper West Side, has changed a lot over the years says Jeff Smith, a former teacher of 16 years at Holy Name, and a program coordinator at the FCC (a local community center) for the past three years. Smith says when he first started working on the Upper West Side, residents consisted of the middle and lower class individuals, but about twelve years ago the neighborhood began to develop. For example new high-rise buildings began popping up and the rent was expensive. However the FCC still offers programs to help the less fortunate, such as a food service program. Every Monday people can come to the food bank and 100 bags of groceries are given out. There is also a thrift store in the neighborhood run by the FCC and the parish next door. Clothes, shoes, books, CDS, and household goods are sold here at reasonable prices.

Smith spoke about how although this is now a wealthy neighborhood there are still signs of poverty. Which is why places like the thrift store sell people clothes at lower prices. In one of the pictures taken while we were visiting the thrift store, we had met a woman who had brought her daughter with her to go shopping. She was looking for a dress to wear for a local theater production. Even though she was not finding something that she desperately needed, the photograph of her holding her dress captures the thrift shop and the FCCs community intentions, to help the less-fortunate.

-Megan Doran


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